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Soviet skiing infantry march to the front after a parade in Red Square, Moscow, 1941. [x]

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Photographic Institute for the Research Commission on High Voltage, Initial Stages of Lightening.( Enlarged Excerpt from Documentation Film Reel), (1955)

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Luc Peire: ‘Graphie 1129’ (30 × 45 cm).

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Thomas Wright.  An Original Theory or New Hypothesis of the Universe. 1750. 

Thomas Wright was one of the first to suggest how the universe might be constructed, An Original Theory or New Hypothesis of the Universe contains elaborate engravings illustrating possible cosmic structures. Obsessed by the idea that there was a cosmic hierarchy and that everything must be part of a larger structure, Wright imagined space as consisting of a series of planetary systems, each with a star at its center, stretching into infinity. (Previous post) is the level of the structure at which the Milky Way is but one of an infinite number of stellar systems or “island universes”, each consisting of a huge quantity of matter organized into a sort of bubble. -Raging Universe 

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Extension apparatus for Oblique Fracture of Metacarpals

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